Verification and validation for air/water flow models

Organization of the test set

The tests are divided into two-dimensional and three-dimensional tests, with additional subdivisions of those directores as needed. A test consists of a single directory including

  • A README file giving a brief overview of the problem and references to published work
  • All data files describing the geometry and physical parameters of the problem
  • A set of input files for a code (e.g.

Adding new test problems

  • Clone or fork this repository
  • Add a new subdirectory with the contents of your test problem
  • Add yourself to the list of contributors
  • Commit your changes to a branch
  • Make a pull request


  • Chris Kees, Aggelos Dimakopoulos, Eleni Zve, Matthew Farthing, Aron Ahmadia, Ido Akkerman, Matt Malej, Roham Bakhtyar